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FLIF image format

How did I find out about FLIF

Recently I was reading Wikimedia Foundation mailing lists and found interesting discussion where Wikimedia Developers talked about advantages and disadvantages of FLIF image format. I haven't heard about this format before, so I decided to find out more and write about it here.

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Competitive programming with Java

What is competitive programming?

Sometimes I attend competitive programming competitions or olympiads. I am not really experienced in this area, but I find it interesting and funny to participate in such events. During these competitions, participants are given tasks wich require coming up with a solution algorithm which meet the requirements of speed and memory consumption. Some examples of competitive programming contests are Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup (those two are online competitions) and a lot of others.


For solving competitive programming tasks they usually use C++ or Python. C++ is fast and gives some space for optimizations, while Python makes it simple to implement more complex algorithms.
But I usually choose Java, because I feel most comfortable and I have most experience using this language. I decided to write down in this blog post as many tips for competitve programming with Java as much as I could find and think of. Hopefully this will be useful for me later and maybe for some other people who cosider using Java at their contest.

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Telegram bots with nodejs


Telegram is a messenger app I really like and I use the most for communication. The two things which make it best for me are: native Linux application (which is important for me as my machine is running Ubuntu) and awesome bot platform with an easy and powerful API.
I developed and run couple of bots for Telegram which are used by me and some other people.


Sometimes people ask me to give them a quickstart on how to develop bot for telegram. So I decided to write this blog post to give some quick tips on this and give some code snippets.

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Hello World!

Hi there!

I decided to create a personal blog, so I can share some thoughts and technical tips with other people in a convenient way.
I also hope it will be my way to document things I find interesting for my future self.

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