Hi there!

I decided to create a personal blog, so I can share some thoughts and technical tips with other people in a convenient way.
I also hope it will be my way to document things I find interesting for my future self.

So let me tell a few words about myself

My name is Nikita Volobuev and I am 17-year-old self-taught programmer-enthusiast from Ukraine.
I am speaking Russian, but a lot of people I work with on common programming projects speak English, so I think most posts here will be in English.
Programming is my hobby (but I hope it will become my full-time job after I finish my studying).
I develop applications for myself and other people (including freelancing). I have also started contributing to open source recently.
My applications are mostly developed with Java, PHP, Python and NodeJS. I am a big fan of Linux.

Some technical information about this blog

For my blog I decided not to use any of content managment systems (like WordPress), but instead I developed backend (using PHP and Laravel framework) and frontend (from scratch, no templates or frameworks were used here) myself. That may sound a bit irrational in terms of time usage, however it was just interesting and fun for me to develop my blog myself. Additionally, it provides a lot more freedom and flexibility.

All content of this blog (including code) is licensed under CC BY 4.0 license.

If you want to contact me, feel free to ask any question in comments below the post or email me: [email protected]

Thank you for reading this and hope you will find my blog interesting!